EU/UK Strategy

EU/UK Strategy


While China may be the latest hot destination for foreign investment - with runaway growth, a cheap labor pool and booming infrastructure projects - the Japanese have kept coming to Europe, a market they feel is vital not only to their products but also to their ambitions as players on the global stage. Regardless of what is being produced in China, the globalization strategies of Japanese companies mean that they will keep coming to Europe. Toyota Motor is indicative of the trend. The automaker has eight factories in Britain, France, Poland, Turkey and the Czech Republic employing 55,000, including its distribution network, and a research and development hub in Zaventem, Belgium. Wherever it chooses to locate, it brings millions of euros annually in contracts for distribution outside the company.

Historically, the main driving force of the investment flow was the automotive sector which brought with it a huge and complex supply chain and research and development, particularly related to design, and environmental and safety standards."

However the current wave of Japanese investment in Europe is not limited to autos and related industries like parts and chemicals. The base is broadening to include electronics, biotechnology and even food. Japanese food companies that are expanding their European presence range from large players like Kikkoman, which makes soy sauce, and Ajinomoto, which bought the Amoy food brand from Danone of France, to smaller concerns like Shoda Shoyu, which makes soy sauce in Wales.

The rising wave of Japanese businesses in the EU over the last 12 years, especially in the UK has led to the formation of forums in many of the bog consulting firms looking to maximise on the significant opportunities this brings. For instance, Price Water House Coopers in the UK has created the Japanese Business network, a comprehensive network of more than 40 partners, half of who are Japanese nationals, providing assistance to more than to more than 350 Japanese clients in the UK, spanning a wide variety of sectors including technology & communications, entertainment & media, retailing, automotive, industrial manufacturing and financial services.

Such trends within the Global market provide significant opportunities for UK based Oiwa Inc Ltd, a subsidiary of Oiwa Inc which has been selling merchant processing services for the last 9 years to Japanese companies based in Japan. By setting up its UK subsidiary Owia Ltd the company is now positioned to take advantage of the increasing number of Japanese owned companies in the UK and mainland Europe which requires merchant services to help streamline the way their companies accept payments from customers.

By using a global force of over 3000 affiliates Oiwa has a significant direct sales philosophy which has helped it to acquire thousands of businesses seeking payment services to streamline their business operations. Opportunities in the UK and mainland Europe provide the opportunity for a major drive into the UK and Europe over the next 3 years.
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